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We invite you to Borghese Gallery in the fresh nature.

Date : 21.06.2020     Author : Mingyeong      Editor : Mayfair

Borghese Gallery, Piazzale Scipione Borghese, 5, 00197 Roma

Borghese Museum is an art museum in Rome, Italy. Gallery is also located inside Villa Borghese Gardens, one of the most famous tourist destinations. The Park of Borghese was land of the Borghese family, who was a famous family in medieval Italy. The Borghese Gallery which built in 1615  was mainly used as a separate palace for the Borghese family. And then, After being bankrupt, it was purchased by the state and opened to the public as an art museum in 1901.

About The Borghese Gallery

What you have to do in the Borghese Gallery and Park

The Borghese Park which is the largest park in Rome  is a place to experience freshness. Let’s get out of the art museum and walk around. You can also go up to Pincho Hill which is located at the end of the park. Besides, the view of the plaza below as well as the view of Rome is very nice, If you’re going to the Borghese Museum of Art in Rome, let’s go up together.

Why should I go to the Borghese Gallery

There are a lot of paintings in Rome, like the Vatican Museums. You can see Renaissance art as well as Baroque art. Tiziano’s “Sex and inner love,” Canova’s “Napoleon’s Sister,” and Botticelli’s “The Virgin Mary” are very popular in this museum. It is  also display ingnot only paintings but also sculptures, making it rich in attractions.

What you must see in Borghese Gallery


Bernini - Apollo and Daphne

Among the sculptures of the Borghese Museum, the most famous works are Bernini's works. Especially, Apollo and Daphne which is a 2.25-meter-high sculpture. It is worth making the viewer to look up.

Sacred and Profane Love

Tiziano - Sacred and Profane Love

For example, this is a one of paintings from a Venetian aristocrat who gave it to his bride as a wedding present. It's scale is a quite large more than 3m. The two beauties in the work symbolize platonic love. This painting is famous for its colour mystery shown by Ticiano. Paintings depicted in vivid colours fascinate us.

Some tips for you

Only 80 people per hour are admitted to come in the Borghese Museum. Therefore, reservation is mandatory in advance. following schedule:
● 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. ● 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. ● 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. ● 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. ● 5 p.m. -7 p.m.

What you can find in this ticket

Skip the Line - Borghese Gardens & Gallery
Skip the Line - Borghese Gardens & Gallery

Adult €82.99
Save your time! You are able to enter the Borghese Museum without waiting time. Besides, this Borghese Tour is a small group tour with a professional guide. Then, you are going to meet historic Rome. It's a 3-hour tour that even offers a wonderful view of Rome.

Borghese Gallery Q&A

Opening hours?

From Tuesday to Sunday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. No entry after 5 p.m. Thursday evening opening is temporarily suspended Closed: Every Monday, 1 January, 25 December

How much is Orsay ticket?

FULL PRICE € 13,00

DISCOUNTED 18–25 years of age €2,00

EU citizens and citizens of non-EU countries with terms of reciprocity

Ticket prices may increase when temporary exhibitions are held.

Visit for Free :

Every second Wednesday of the month (starting at 1 p.m., 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.)

One of the Best time to visit the Borghese...

The number of people who can enter every two hours is fixed, so you will watch all of these comfortable. But you have to look around within two hours. If you want to enjoy it with the green park, I recommend you to visit the summer season.

Where is cloakroom in the Borghese Museum?

lThe cloakroom is located outside the Museum. Visitors can stop on security guards for item like large bags or long umbrellas. Water and food are prohibited to bring inside.

How to get to Borghese Gallery?

  • If you take Metro…
  • Take line A to Spagna or Flaminio station.
  • If you take RER…
  • Take Bus number 910. Get off at Pinciana/Museo Borghese Station.

A restaurant near the Borghese Museum

A beautiful cafe-restaurant with a panoramic view of Rome.
You’d better to have a relaxing meal.

Are you in rush?  If you don’t have much time to enjoy the food? It’s absolutely okay, just have a cup of coffee even if you have a short time.

If you want to look around Rome a little more,

Rome in one day: Borghese Gallery and Gardens & Colosseum Walking Tour
Borghese Gallery and Gardens & Walking Tour

It's time to take a tour to go to the history of Rome. Also, it is a reasonable suggestion to visit the Borghese Museum with a professional Roman guide including entering the Colosseum in Rome. Take a walking tour and discover the ruins of Rome together.

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