Useful tips to travel to Edinburgh

Useful tips for a substantial day travel to Edinburgh where you can feel the atmosphere of Scotland in the Middle Ages

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Useful tips to travel to Edinburgh

Today, Ticket Here is going to give you very useful tips to travel to Edinburgh in proper way. Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, where history and tradition lives.


How do I get to Edinburgh?


9 Hours from London


4 Hours from London


An Hour from London

This is the most useful tips to travel to Edinburgh. First of all, I’ll tell you how to get to Edinburgh based on departure from London. There are about three ways to get to Edinburgh from London, and it takes about nine hours by bus, about four hours by train, and about an hour by plane.

Of course, the prices are matter. Usually the bus is the cheapest way as it takes the longest. Obviously the airplane is the most expensive transportation as it arrives the quickest. However, when you spend 9 hours on the bus, it takes a long time and you would get physically tired, so TicketHere recommends you to take a train trip.

How many days are enough to travel in Edinburgh?

Useful tips to travel to Edinburgh

Edinburgh is small and compact city in itself, so you travel only to major tourist attractions, you could tour it in one day. But you want to travel properly, it’s actually hard to see everything in a day, so you’d better stay in town for at least two nights and three days.

The Best time to travel to Edinburgh

Edinburgh Temperature and precipitation

Data sourced from the National Climatic Data Center

Summer is the best season in England. In these days, summer season in July and August, the temperature of London is well over 30 degrees, however, the temperature of Edinburgh, where is far more north from London, is relatively low. It is the summer season we called, but it’s rather cool. You may travel in July and August, the weather is not that hot, and especially travel in August, you will be able to enjoy the festive mood with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, but there must be more tourists than any other time, right? It’s up to you how you will use this useful tips to travel to Edinburgh!

What you can find in Ticket Here

Useful tips to travel to Edinburgh
Day Trip to Edinburgh by Rail

6 hrs / £198.99
Day Trip to Edinburgh by Rail provides a stunning journey by Open-Top Bus Tour and Free admission to Edinburgh Castle. As the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh has a rich history. And you will definitely be able to experience the splendid Scottish medieval old town vibe through this day trip.

Useful tips to travel to Edinburgh
Edinburgh Overnight

2 Day / £311.99
Edinburgh Overnight Trip will provide a scenic rail journey along Britain's beautiful east coast. As well as a stunning journey for you by an Open-Top Bus Tour and Free admission to Edinburgh Castle. As a capital of Scotland, Edinburgh has a rich history. And you will definitely be able to experience the splendid Scottish medieval old town vibe through this overnight trip.

Know before you go…

Transport Ticket

If you want to travel downtown Edinburgh in a short time, you are able to buy a transport ticket for Edinburgh.

A single ticket costs 1.7 pounds, and you get a day pass for 4 pounds, that can be used unlimitedly by 6 pm.

Buy your ticket online with the Edinburgh transportation app called M-Tickets; both payment and use of ticket would probably be more convenient.

Raining in Edinburgh

Scottish Weather

Let me give you useful tips to travel to Edinburgh

The weather in Scotland is a little colder and worse than in England, but you’re not traveling in summer, you’d better take an umbrella or a raincoat with you just in case

Scottish Pound

No need to exchange money when you travel between England and Scotland, but the pounds used in Scotland are different from the pounds used in England (including bills and coins).

The problem is that the Scottish pound can’t be used in England, whereas you are able to use English pound in Scotland.
So you’ve paid for something in cash during your trip to Edinburgh and got your change, please be aware that you can’t use Scottish pounds later in England!

Scottish Pound

Must-See Places in Edinburgh

Calton Hill Useful tips to travel to Edinburgh

Carlton Hill

Carlton Hill height is about 100 meters tall offers a panoramic view of downtown Edinburgh from the summit.

It takes only about 15 minutes to climb since the height is not high and the slope is not steep.

You would see buildings such as the Nelson Monument and the National Monument from the top.

Holyrood Park and Arthur’s Seat

Holyrood Park and Arthur’s Seat

Holyrood Park is a vast park in downtown Edinburgh, about 250 meters high and you will see the North Sea with a panoramic view of downtown Edinburgh when you reach the summit of this park.
The park's tallest peak is named Arthur's Seat, which takes approximately an hour to climb.
You can see Edinburgh Castle from here, also can see Holyrood Park from Edinburgh Castle.

Must-See Places in Edinburgh



Haggis is a Scottish traditional food that is made by cutting the intestines of sheep or calves into small pieces, mixing onions, oatmeal, and seasoning with spices and salt. The taste and look is similar to Korean sundae, but in England, they call Haggis a pudding, and TicketHere recommends a restaurant with delicious haggis as below.

The Royal Mile Tavern / 127 High St, Edinburgh EH1 1SG

Howies Restaurant / 10-14 Victoria St, Edinburgh EH1 2HG

The Dome / 14 George St, Edinburgh EH2 2PF

Whiski Rooms / 4 North Bank Street, Edinburgh EH1 2LP Scotland

Pork sandwich
(Hog Roast Roll)

pork sandwich

Pork sandwich is one of the most cost-effective menus you can eat during your trip to Edinburgh. After roasting the whole young pig, slice the meat into thin slices and put it as patty inside the sandwich, but the sandwich is very thick as it’s full inside with meat. The restaurants famous for pork sandwiches are as below.

Oink Victoria Street / 34 Victoria St, Edinburgh EH1 2JW

Oink Hog Roast Hanover Street / 38 Hanover St, Edinburgh EH2 2DR

Oink Scottish Hog Roast / 82 Canongate, Edinburgh EH8 8BZ

Dessert shops

It is such a time when you want to rest and eat sweet things while traveling, and there are tons of dessert shops in downtown Edinburgh! Find the dessert shops you would like to go to, depending on your taste, from the below.

Twelve Triangles / 90 Brunswick St, Edinburgh EH7 5HU

Söderberg Bakery Shop / 45 Broughton St, Edinburgh EH1 3JU

Grams / 16 Clifton Terrace, Edinburgh EH12 5JZ

Things To Do

royal-mile-Useful tips to travel to Edinburgh

Walk The Royal Mile

The Royal Mile is a 1.6 kilometer-long stone road from the Holy Rood to Edinburgh Castle, which used to be a walkable distance for the nobles in the past. Walking along this street, you will be able to find a wide range of shops and restaurants as well as old medieval buildings in Scotland. Have a walk on Royal Mile Street that is full of food, souvenir shops, and entertainment.

Scotch Whiskey

Scottish Whiskey

Is anything else as Scottish as whiskey? Many people probably think of whiskey when they think of Scotland. There are many shops and restaurants where you taste a sip of whiskey. Or take a whiskey tour when you walk Royal Miles, and TicketHere recommends you to try Scottish whiskey if you fancy.


Enjoy the weekend flea market

There is a flea market every Saturday. Surprisingly it sells furniture, antiques, interior props, kitchen utensils, whiskey and all kinds of food at Greater Grass Market near Victoria Street in downtown Edinburgh. Although you don't buy anything, you would enjoy the vibe of a flea market just by looking around. And if you're lucky, you will also watch street performances nearby.

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